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Online Rental Software Features


Make More Money

Our research has shown people want to research deals and pay for their vacations in advance. Converting your website traffic into sales is what our proven systems are designed to make into a reality.



How quickly can your current customers browse equipment, create a package, and pay for their reservations? Ski Rental Systems allows a customer to build a package for 4 people, and pay, in less than 5 minutes.



Ski Rental Systems is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use for all users, regardless of age or computer ability.


Easy to Integrate

Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into the function and feel of your current website, along with the functionality of a secure payment gateway.



Our systems can rent any product, from winter gear to lift tickets, ATVs to helicopters, boats to wet suits, or anything you can imagine.


With our flexible pricing options you have the ability to rent your products by the day,by the hour, by the tour, by the lesson or even by the service. Our systems have the ability to create unlimited pricing structures over weekdays, weekends, holidays or special periods.


Paper Free Technology

Does your current system make you crazy with all of the paperwork? Our systems make reservations, communicate with your renter and you, and then deposit money in your bank account without destroying our planet’s valuable resources.


Rental Delivery

Whether you currently operate an offsite rental delivery business or are thinking about it for the future, Ski Rental Systems can process and deliver reservations by collecting your customers’ lodging information & preferences, while instantly notifying your employees.

Online Rental Software Features Admin Panel
A streamlined administrative interface makes it easy to keep track of customers, reservations, groups, discounts, timelines and more.
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Ski Rental Systems has built in promotional code administration that allows an owner to have multiple marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness via Print or Adword campaigns.


Simple Administration

Our systems give you the reporting you need to increase profits. From owners and accountants all the way to our front line staff and techs, our comprehensive live reporting functionality and updating will ensure everyone has access to the information they need.


Return on Investment

Our systems pay for themselves in no time and will continue to deliver more reservations from your customer base for years to come.


Worldwide Functionality

We have tested our systems on all major web browsers, platforms and devices. Be reassured that your reservations work reliably, every time, for all your customers across the globe.


Multiple Locations

Ski Rental Systems is robust and can accommodate an unlimited number of locations across the country.